Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Home Sales Stiil Sluggish

The next time you see a home builder, please be careful to show some compassion. These people have been the hardest hit in the housing market crash. In the entire year of 2011 there were only 302,000 new home sales nationwide. That's the current data we in the real estate industry have been given and it's realy sad for buliders. For those of you looking to build Lawrence KS Homes to live in or to those of you wanting to buy brand new Homes for Sale Lawrence KS, you'll find the choices are limited.

The new home sales in the Southern regions of the country were the lowest they've been since 1996. However, it gets worse . Both the East and the West areas of the country saw the absolute worst new home sales in recorded history in 2011. 

Part of the problem for Lawrence home builders and home builders in general, comes from a continuation of foreclosures on the market. This results in deeply discounted homes. I personally assisted buyers in 2011 with purchasing several "foreclosure sales" in 2011. I also helped several buyers with the purchase of Lawrence KS Homes for Sale and Lawrence KS Homes that were being marketed as "short sales". These homes are seen as "bargins" or "deals" by buyers looking to purchase Lawrence Ks Real Estate for Sale.

The threat of further price declines, continues to frighten buyers away from paying premium prices for new homes. Even though, there is evidence that a slight pick-up in home sales will be seen in 2012, buyers are still being cautious.

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